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Blog: The Geography Factor

Comments from Clients include:

"...never heard such a joyful and overwhelming response to a serious lecture as when Harm de Blij delivered the Fourth of July lecture..."
Chautauqua Institution

"Thank you for making our committee look good ... you hit a stunning home run (and) I've heard nothing but rave reviews!"
Town Hall South, Pittsburgh

"Why didn't he speak longer? He should have had the whole morning!"
National Council for Teacher Retirement

"Your talk was one of the three best over the 25- year life of this Forum, and we thank you."
Thompson Forum on World Issues

"De Blij ended his lecture apologizing for speaking slightly over his allotted hour, but most likely leaving the audience wishing he had been allotted two."
The January Series, Grand Rapids

"We are breaking a rule and are asking you back the very next year."
Dallas Woman's Club

Public Speaking

Speaking on geopolitical and environmental issues, Mr. de Blij has addressed business, governmental, and educational organizations in North America and around the world. His clients include:

Sample topics (established in consultation with the client) are:

The United States in the Global Geopolitics of the Second Decade

Still the dominant world power and the engine of globalization, the United States faces growing challenges from familiar as well as unexpected sources. How will responsible leadership be sustained?

The Power of Place: How Geography Shapes the Future

By the roulette of birth we are all parachuted into a world of widely varying cultural and natural circumstances. The formidable power of this diverse geography shapes advantage and disadvantage and frames relationships among individuals, communities and nations.

The Challenges of Climate Change

Governments and businesses must intensify their efforts to constrain the emanation of greenhouse-enhancing gases into the planet's atmosphere. But even total cessation would not end climate change, abrupt or longer-term. How to balance mitigation and preparation?

The European Union: Superpower in the Making or Paper Tiger of the Future?

Europe is America's crucial ally, an expanding union of like-minded countries forming a major world market playing a key role in global affairs. But how united is this union, how stable will it be, and how dependable as a partner in an increasingly fractious world?

What Does Russia Want?

An increasingly autocratic Russian government is sending mixed signals to the outside world, alternating belligerence with forbearance. What are Russia's objectives and how do Moscow's strategies affect its neighbors near and far?

India of the Four Corners

Democratic, multicultural India is the key to progress against extremism in its realm -- more so than Pakistan or Afghanistan. Soon to be the world's most populous country and containing the world's largest cultural minority, India (cold-shouldered by Washington during the Cold War) should take its place as America's indispensable ally in this decade.

Mr. de Blij's speaking assignments are arranged by his agent:

Brie Karpf
Leading Authorities