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Blog: The Geography Factor

Perpetual Climate Change

The Dubai Port Proposal

Opportunities for Geographers

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You can watch and/or listen to Mr. de Blij explain geography as only he can by selecting one of the titles below. The excerpts section includes video snippets posted on YouTube.

Excerpts from recent lectures:

Continental Drift
The Dubai Port Proposal
Geography Failings in the Oval Office
The Future of Continental Drift
Geography and the Future
The Effect of Climate on China
To the Pleistoscene
How I Became a Geographer
Some Consequences of Drift
The Decline of Geography Education
Perpetual Climate Change
Write Letters!
Keep a Diary
Avenues in Geography
Three Ways to Approach the World
Background of Why Geography Matters
Opportunities for Geographers

Movie Files:

Harm speaks about environmental stress in Jakarta
(2 MB)

Harm talks about the importance of geographical considerations in decision making
(1.2 MB)